Your forklifts are vital for the productivity of your business. But choosing the right forklift for your needs isn’t enough. You also need to make sure these machines are maintained. One way you can stay ahead of the curve is to know which common forklift problems to watch out for. At Lift South, we provide forklift repair in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC. Here are four common forklift repairs you should be aware of.

  1. Electrical problems – Is your forklift struggling to start or not turning on at all? Are other electrical components giving you fits? Electrical forklift problems often stem from an outdated battery.
  2. Lift issues – If the mast of your forklift isn’t lifting properly, it could mean that the hydraulic system has an issue. Of course, trying to lift an object that’s too heavy cause problems, too.
  3. Worn tires – Just as you would for any vehicle, you should inspect your forklift tires regularly and replace them when needed. Worn out tires are not only a safety issue, but they can also cause your forklift to be less efficient.
  4. Steering struggles – Low steering fluid levels can reduce steering capability. While this is usually an easy fix, it’s critical for safety purposes that you get this fixed immediately.

When you need forklift repair in Charlotte, NC for these or any other issues, call Lift South.