The right material handling equipment can help you and your employees accomplish more things in less time. Manlifts and scissor lifts are machines that can really make a difference in your productivity. Here are some facts about scissor lifts from Lift South.

What are scissor lifts?

Scissor lifts are a type of manlift. The machine gets its name from the “X” pattern of its legs. As the lift goes up, the legs stretch out, allowing for greater stability and higher heights. The platform of a scissor lift is the same size as its base and they only move vertically. In general, your average scissor lift will reach a height of between 20 and 40 feet and can hold minimum of 1000 pounds. Larger scissor lifts are mostly used for outdoor work areas and projects. Medium-to-small ones are best used indoors. Since this machinery moves only up and down, be sure to position it directly under the area where you need to work.

Should you buy an electric or fuel-powered scissor lift?

Electric-powered scissor lifts are often recommended because they don’t emit harsh fumes. However, they’re best suited for indoor use. If you need an outdoor scissor lift, talk to us about fuel-powered options, like our gas models.

If you’re interested in buying or renting a scissor lift, call Lift South. We’ll help you get the machinery you need for your warehouse and material handling needs.