If you own a forklift, you know you need to be aware of common forklift problems in order to keep your machinery in great condition. This is the best way to get the most out of your investment and ensure workplace safety. But if your forklift does experience issues, who should you call to come and fix it? Lift South provides forklift repair in Charlotte, NC and we’re here to help you. Here’s our advice on how to choose which forklift repair company to work with:

  • Do your research – Before making a decision, you should always research local forklift repair services. Find out about their credentials and licensing information.Look into the different types of repair work they do for their customers. Look for a company that offers repairs and maintenance services for all types of material handling equipment. Having a wide range of services available is a good indicator of a forklift repair business’s experience and knowledge.
  • Call the companies you’re considering – Reach out to the forklift repair companies on your list. Ask questions about their prices, repair options, hours of operations, and any specific concerns you may have.
  • Read reviews and get references – Take time to read online reviews or ask for a list of references from the business. This will help you get an idea of how a business treats its customers.

When you need forklift repair in Charlotte, NC, contact Lift South. Our technicians are here to help you with all your forklift needs.