When you’re shopping for a forklift, there are many things to consider. For example, which forklift classes are best for your business? Another factor is the power source for your forklift. Should you buy an internal combustion (IC) engine or is buying an electric model the better choice? Here at Lift South, we’ve seen it all as one of the leading destinations for forklifts for sale forklift repair in Charlotte, NC. Here are some basic guidelines to help you make your decision.

IC Engines

Generally used for outdoor operations, IC engine forklifts run on diesel, compressed natural gas, liquid propane gas, or gasoline. IC forklifts meet the EPA’s standards for emissions and are designed to work in a wide variety of outdoor conditions. In addition, these forklifts can lift up to 51,000 pounds. Do note that an IC forklift’s service life will largely depend on how it’s used and how often it’s maintained.

Electric Engines

Electric engines operate on batteries, making them suitable for indoor operations. In addition to zero tailpipe emissions, they’re also quieter than IC models. The tradeoff is that the batteries are rather bulky and heavy and need to be charged regularly. Maintenance, service, and careful use will help you get the most use out of these models.

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