Choosing the wrong forklift for your facility can set your business back in terms of productivity and efficiency. But how do you find the right forklifts for your company’s specific needs? Lift South is here to answer that very question for people in the material handling industry in South Carolina and North Carolina. Here’s our advice on how to find the right type of forklift for your line of work:

  • Think about what you do. Consider the materials you need to move around. How often will you need to use a forklift to transport these items?
  • How heavy are the things you need to move? Make a note of the size and weight of the things you move around. Finding forklifts that can handle those burdens is probably the most critical factor when you’re shopping for this equipment.
  • Will you use it outdoors, indoors, or both? Will you be taking your forklift outside or will it remain inside? Or does it need to be able to work in both locations? Think about all the circumstances before you buy.
  • How high do you need to lift? Determine the height of your shelves or racks and get a forklift that can reach them with ease.
  • Talk to the experts. To make sure you’re getting the very best equipment, talk with forklift experts like the ones at Lift South. We know about everything that’s on the market and will give you honest advice.

Call Lift South for all your forklift needs in the Rock Hill, SC area.