Having a strong emphasis on workplace training is a smart move for any business. This is especially true for warehouses and other facilities that use forklifts. Lift South would like to tell you why forklift training is so important for your Charlotte material handling business:

  1. Increases pedestrian safety – Teaching your employees how to steer, brake, and drive a forklift will keep pedestrians safe. An untrained operator puts everyone on the floor at risk of injury.
  2. Increases operator safety – Untrained operators are also a risk to themselves. Help your operators stay safe by letting our trainers show them how to control these powerful machines.
  3. Decreases liability risk – Your business will be held accountable in the event of a workplace accident. When your employees have had proper forklift safety training, you’ll greatly decrease the likelihood of a workplace accident.
  4. Lowers the risk of forklift damage – One part of the training process is about how to properly care for a forklift. You’ll have a forklift that works well for years, thanks to your well-trained staff.
  5. Creates productivity – Untrained employees will waste precious time. If you’re looking to increase productivity as well as safety at your Charlotte material handling facility, then consider additional forklift training for your workers.

When your employees need proper forklift training, call Lift South. Our forklift safety training programs meet all OSHA forklift certification standards. Trust us to teach your staff on how to safely and effectively use this machinery.