Manlifts are very complicated pieces of machinery that get the job done. A manlift proves to be very useful for companies and warehouses that need their workers to reach heights in a safe manner. But exactly how do manlifts move? Lift South has the information you need on how these machines are able to operate efficiently day-in and day-out.


As the name implies, vehicle-mounted manlifts are made from a manlift that is fitted to a vehicle. This allows for easy transportation to and from work sites. From this vehicle, a manlift is able to perform its up and down functions, allowing workers to reach areas of need. Thanks to the base vehicle, they can do this with added support and stability, creating a safer work environment.


This is probably the type of manlift you’re most familiar with. Self-propelled manlifts are commonly used in warehouses. Similar to a forklift, these machines move using either wheels or tracks. You’ll see these machines lifting workers as they move about the warehouse.

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