Forklifts are put to the test every day. They move and lift heavy loads in warehouses and other facilities. It’s only natural that they’ll suffer some wear and tear over time. Fortunately, these machines can stand up to the challenge provided they have routine maintenance. Before you buy forklifts in Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC, you need to think about how you’ll maintain them. Here’s what Lift South wants you to know about forklift maintenance and maintenance agreements:

  • Service at regular intervals – Forklift maintenance is scheduled based on the hours your machine is in use. Just like with a car, common upkeep items like oil changes and brake checks should happen more often than other types of upkeep.
  • Varies by type – Depending on the type of forklift you own, the recommended maintenance plan will differ. For example, electric forklifts don’t require as many maintenance checks as internal combustion forklifts. This is because they have fewer moving parts that require care. With this in mind, always talk to a forklift company about what type of service is needed.
  • Maintenance agreements – Maintenance agreements are the best way to guarantee that your forklift gets the service it needs when it needs it. Ask your forklift dealer or forklift repair company about the plans they offer.

When you need new or used forklifts in Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC, call Lift South. We have a great selection of equipment and perform repairs, service, and maintenance. We’ll keep your equipment working smoothly so you can get the job done.