If you’re shopping for used forklifts, it’s best that you have at least some idea of what you’re looking for. Doing your homework in advance is key for finding the right machine for your needs. As your local source for used forklifts in Charlotte, NC, Lift South has some advice that may help you make your decision. Here are five things you should look for in a used forklift:

  1. Safety features – Any used forklift you consider should have all the necessary safety features that are required by law. You’ll need to make sure there are working seat belts, lights, and a horn.
  2. Service records – Find out when the forklift was last serviced. Examine the records to see if there’s been a history of mechanical problems. Find out if any work has been done on critical components, such as the transmission.
  3. Tires – Inspect the forklift’s tires. This is a quick way to tell if the machinery is in good or bad condition. If you notice heavily worn tires, this could mean that the forklift hasn’t been maintained or was driven on rough pavement.
  4. Model year – You should always find out the model year so you can do some research about it. If it’s many years old, the parts you need to maintain it may no longer be in production.
  5. Warranty – If you can find a used forklift that’s still under warranty, you may want to strongly consider buying it. Warranties are a great measure of protection if you’re buying used machinery.

If you’re in the market for high-quality new or used forklifts in Charlotte, NC, call Lift South. We’ll help you get the right forklift for your warehouse or material handling facility.