Forklift Pressure Washing

Don’t let dirt, oil, and grease build-up keep your forklifts from working at their best. Lift South’s mobile forklift pressure washing service will help your material handling equipment stay in peak condition. We’ll come to you to wash away all the grime that accumulates on your machines.

Why Is Forklift Pressure Washing Important?

As dirt builds up on your forklift, it creates friction. When the various parts of the machine move, they’re slowed down by this abrasion. The result is slower, rougher operation that can slow down your fleet.

The best way to combat this damage is by scheduling regular forklift pressure washing. Our technicians will carefully wash away anything that comes between your machines and the work they need to do. Simply call our Rock Hill, SC office for an appointment and our team will bring the clean right to your door.

Warehouse conditions can be tough on any type of machinery. Add to that the demands you place on your material handling equipment, and you’ve got a much higher chance of breakdowns. Minimize the wear and tear by washing away dirt with our forklift pressure washing service.

We wash more than just forklifts…Well, maybe not your dog.