A forklift is a useful piece of machinery that can greatly increase your production. However, like any piece of machinery, a forklift comes with its own set of hazards. As your local forklift service provider, Lift South has all the information you need on forklifts and other material handling equipment. Today, we want to share some valuable information about some items that should always be on your forklift safety inspection list.

Why are regular safety inspections important?

When an employee gets behind the wheel of a forklift, they need to feel secure regarding their safety. A forklift safety inspection before every use of every piece of equipment is the best way to establish protections for your workers. Without it, you’re leaving your workers at risk of injury from forklift malfunctions.

Forklift Safety Inspection Checklist

Every material handling facility should have a safety inspection list that is followed to the letter. The items on these lists should receive both a visual and a hands-on inspection before each shift begins or every time you plan on using the forklift.

  1. Clear signs of damage: Can you tell that something is wrong with the forklift just by looking at it?
  2. Loose or missing parts: Are parts obviously not attached properly? Are fluids leaking from the machinery?
  3. Tires: Are all tires properly inflated and without signs of damage?
  4. Fuel supply: Do you have an adequate fuel supply to start your shift?
  5. Brakes: Do the brakes work properly when they’re engaged?
  6. Safety equipment: Are all seatbelts, harnesses, and other equipment properly attached and functional?
  7. Strange noises: Is the forklift making noises that are out of the ordinary?
  8. Hazards or obstacles: Are there obvious obstacles around the job site that forklift operators need to be aware of?

Of course, these are just a few of the systems that need to be inspected before a forklift is put into use each day. Refer to your company’s safety manuals and consult with your risk management department for a complete list of what you should inspect before each use.

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