Like any type of machinery, forklifts can be dangerous if not used correctly. But operating a forklift requires more than care and attentiveness. The law requires that forklift operators be properly trained before they get behind the wheel. In addition to offering forklift sales and forklift rentals in the Rock Hill and Charlotte areas, Lift South also provides forklift training for safety requirements.

Every employee that plans to use a forklift needs training on how to operate it. They need to know how to control, steer, stop, use the emergency brake, and more before they start up a forklift. Putting an individual behind the wheel who doesn’t know how to properly control this type of vehicle is a danger to other employees and your business.

Certification is the end goal of all forklift training. Never let uncertified employees drive your company’s forklift. This action will put your business at risk and violates OSHA forklift certification standards.

When your warehouse needs forklift training, contact Lift South. We work with a wide variety of companies in South Carolina and North Carolina to make sure their employees have proper forklift operation safety training. Trust us to keep your Charlotte material handling business safe and in compliance with the law.