When choosing a forklift for your material handling facility, you should also consider the types of forklift attachments you’ll need. As your local provider of new and used forklifts for sale, Lift South wants to help you find the right attachments for your forklift. Here’s a quick overview of the different types of forklift attachments you can choose from:

  • Fork Positioners – These attachments automatically change the distances between the forks. This helps your forklift compensate for different pallet sizes.
  • Push/Pull Attachments – By using plastic sheets, these attachments will pull and push loads in place. These are great options for facilities that don’t want to use pallets.
  • Clamps – When you need to move heavy machinery like appliances, flat clamps may be the ideal attachment. However, when you need to transport delicate objects like large paper rolls, you should invest in specialized accessories like paper roll clamps.
  • Multiple Load Handlers – These attachments are great for facilities that need multiple loads transported promptly. Rated high for efficiency, you’ll usually see these types of handlers used in many food and beverage storehouses.
  • Rotators – Designed for quick load rotation, these attachments allow your forklift to turn at 180 or 360 degrees. These attachments are commonly used for dumping objects from one bin to another.
  • Side Shifters – Side shifters are very common and are especially helpful, as they allow the operator to move the forks left and right. For example. side shifters allow you to adjust the forks to loads that might offset in front of the forklift.

If you’d like further advice on forklift attachments and their uses, call Lift South in Rock Hill, SC. You can rely on us for quality new or used forklifts for sale near you.