Manlifts are excellent tools that help warehouse workers gain access to hard-to-reach areas that are high off the ground. Many different types of industries invest in manlifts to help increase production without sacrificing safety. However, before you buy one for your business, you need to know about the different choices on the market. Lift South wants to explain the differences between the different types of manlifts so you can get the right one for your business.

Cherry Pickers/Boom Lifts

Cherry pickers, also known as boom lifts, are the equipment you see being used to reach overhead lines. Telecommunication companies often use cherry pickers, as do electrical companies. These lifts offer the level of safety needed for the work to get done.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts move vertically and are ideal for warehouse use. These lifts have X-shaped supports that appear as they lift a worker. Scissor lifts work by using pressure to target the support base, which then launches the lift up.

Articulating Lifts

Like boom lifts, articulating lifts can be used with overhead lines. In many cases, the height of most of these lifts are restricted to the length of the lift’s arm. However, telescoping sections help increase the range for these lifts. These lifts also provide a more supportive base for the operators and technicians.

If you’re thinking of buying manlifts for your business, contact Lift South. The experienced staff at our Rock Hill, SC office will answer your questions and help you find the right equipment for your needs.