In addition to figuring out which attachments to add your forklift, it’s also smart to consider the types of forklift parts your machine may need. If you want your forklift to work at peak efficiency for years to come, it’s important to get the right parts. As a provider of top-quality forklift parts near you in Rock Hill, SC, Lift South wants you to know the following about these forklift components:

  • Manufacturer parts – Using parts directly from your forklift’s manufacturer is always a smart choice. This practically guarantees you a perfect match.
  • Generic parts – These are generally cheaper than a brand name component. These manufacturers often make a wide variety of parts so you’ll have many different options for your forklift.
  • Brand-name parts – Brand-name parts guarantee consistency. Some might even come with a warranty. However, these benefits make them the most expensive parts on the market.
  • Aftermarket parts – Aftermarket options are upgraded parts and enhance a forklift’s operation above the expected market standard.

So which option is right for you? Before investing in any of these parts, you should explore all your options. A local provider of forklift parts near you like Lift South can help. Our staff will find the best parts at the best prices for your needs. Call us for forklift parts near you in Rock Hill, SC.